Thursday, 23 January 2014

Greg Boyd's MennoNerds Interview

The MennoNerds network recently hosted Greg Boyd for an interview conducted by the ever helpful and courteous Robert Martin. Greg shares about his journey to an Anabaptist perspective and the fallout that has had in his theology. The biggest fallout, that will hopefully soon hit the shelves, is Greg's upcoming book: The Crucifixion of the Warrior God. If you are a Woodland Hills "podrishioner" (like I am) you will know that Boyd has been working hard on this book for the last few years. I honestly think I've personally been waiting for this book for a good four years. ;) It's a good thing that patience is a fruit of the Spirit. I got the sense in this interview that Greg has reached a finality and clarity to his seven years of research and thinking about the violent portraits of God. 

Anyway.... Enjoy this great interview:

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God Bless,
Paul Walker


  1. Time for a menno-net! Thanks for this blogpost. / Thomas fr Sweden.

    1. Hey, Thomas! Menno-net in progress. ;-) :-)

      Thanks, Paul, for the reshare!

    2. I feel like we are becoming one big family! :)