Tuesday, 10 November 2015

This age. This era.

This age. This era. 
The age of anger & cynicism; 
Outrage & worry;
Fear & reaction. 

If it bleeds it leads,
Outrage is all the rage,
Anger is the new patience 
And our worries multiply.

Wordless groans.
O Spirit, help us in our weakness.
We do not know what we ought to pray
We do not know what we ought to say

Help us see the new age that is to come;
A new vision, a new creation, the age of: 
Love! Joy! Peace! 
Patience! Kindness! 
Goodness! Faithfulness! 
Gentleness! Self-control! 

We are frail and weak;
In need of the Helper.
Lord, have mercy,
Christ, have mercy,
Lord, have mercy. 

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